How I started


As a young boy, I grew up around animals.  Like most boys, I loved dogs.  Over the years we had many different breeds.  My favorite by far was the golden retriever!  I was impressed with their loyalty, athletic ability, happy-go lucky personality, and stunning good looks.  My brother and I each had our own AKC registered golden.  We bred them producing our first litter of puppies over 30 years ago!  I have been hooked on the breed ever since.  Years later I worked as a veterinary technician at a local animal hospital.  I again had experience with many breeds of dogs, but was always partial to the sporting breeds, especially the golden retriever!  Now with a family of my own, I enjoy seeing my own children enjoy some of the same experiences I had with this wonderful breed.
Me at 3 years old.
Me and my brother Jeff riding a pony
Here I am as a teenager with my goldens!
Look at all that hair….not on the dog, me!
Here I am thirty years later, minus the hair….still hanging out with golden retrievers!
Nikki Kay and Baby Simba
Nikki Kay with baby Simba




James (me) and Mango on the pier
The Werner gang 2011!