Theodore Bear Of Shadow Mountain Goldens
AKC# SS24563810
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart
Theo is our newest male “stud” here at Shadow Mountain Goldens.  He really is just a big teddy bear.  He is very gentle with a wonderful temperament.  He has a large sturdy build with a blocky head.  As you can see, he has a beautiful lustrous dark almost cinnamon coat.  He is great with kids and has boundless energy.  Theo is only 2 1/2 years old and we hope to have him for many more years.  At his last vet checkup he weighed 75 pounds and is in excellent health!  He received his health clearances from the OFA on his heart, hips and elbows and we also just received his DNA analysis.  All are available upon request.  


Peaches of Shadow Mountain Goldens
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart



Peaches is the granddaughter of Simba and Princess.  She has Simba’s handsome looks and Princess’ athletic ability.  She will chase a ball all day if you are up for the challenge!  Her father is Ivan and her mother is Riley.  She has a great temperament and a very playful spirit.  Her coat is a beautiful medium to light golden.  Peaches has only had one litter of puppies and she was a great mom.  We plan on breeding her again in the very near future.  She has already received her heart clearance from the OFA and also received a “GOOD” report on her hips and “NORMAL” elbows.  For more updated pictures and videos please follow our Instagram account @ShadowMountainGoldens.




Princess “Riley” Of Camino Del Coronado
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart

Riley is our sweet traditional American Golden girl here at Shadow Mountain Goldens.  She is a product of Simba and Princess’ litter born on October 29, 2016.  Just as we anticipated, Riley passed all of her health clearances from OFA and we are proud to have her in our breeding program.  All certifications are available upon request.  We are excited to have Riley since she will be able to continue our foundational lines of Simba and Princess.  Many enjoy the traditional American Golden with medium to darker coats.  Riley is somewhat shy but gets along with everyone and just like a typical Golden loves attention! 

Brandy Bear of Shadow Mountain Goldens


AKC# SS21582002
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart
Brandy is our newest moma here at Shadow Mountain Goldens.  She just had her fist litter of puppies and did a fantastic job!  First time dad (Theo) is pretty proud as well!  Just like all our our goldens, Brandy has a wonderful temperament.  She is very sweet and eager to please.  She has somewhat of a darker coat than her mom (Riley) and is slightly smaller.  Like all of our breeding stock, she received her heart clearance from the OFA and also received a “GOOD” report on her hips and “NORMAL” elbows.  For more updated pictures and videos of her puppies, please follow our Instagram account @ShadowMountainGoldens.

Royal Mia Of Shadow Mountain Goldens
AKC# SS26208101
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows/Heart
This is little Mia.  She finally passed the 2 year old mark and we are excited to add her to our breeding program.  She is Riley’s little girl (Doc is the father).  She passed all of her OFA health clearances with flying colors.  Mia has a very soft traditional gold coat.  She is very sweet and gentle and has an easy going temperament with the right amount of spunkiness.  

Lady Bella Of Shadow Mountain Goldens
AKC# SS30579402
OFA Certified Hips/Elbows “Preliminary”
Lady Bella is also one of our newer future mamas.  She has already received a preliminary “GOOD” rating from the OFA on her hips and “NORMAL” on her elbows.  She will receive her final reports soon after she turns two years old in November of 2023. Bella is also very sweet and gentle with a beautiful darker reddish coat.  Lady Bella’s mom is Princess Riley and her dad is Doc.  She is a great combination of the two.  Bella has not had any puppies yet, but we are excited to add her to the breeding program very soon.  Bella is slightly larger than Brandy and Mia.  

 In Loving Memory

Simba King of Camino Del Coronado


Simba was our foundational stud dog here at Shadow Mountain Goldens.  He is greatly missed!  Simba was extremely friendly, gentle and loved attention!  He was very affectionate, especially towards children.  Simba had all the characteristics of a well-bred Golden Retriever.   He had a very light beautiful lustrous golden coat with a handsome broad head.  Simba has produced many gorgeous litters of pups.  Simba’s legacy will live on here at Shadow Mountain Goldens. We are thankful to have Riley who is Simba’s daughter.  Riley has already produced many beautiful puppies that have some of the same amazing characteristics as her father Simba.