Shadow Mountain Goldens

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire


(This is not an interactive document.  Please attach as a “word” document or cut/paste it into an e-mail and then send to


These questions are just used as a guideline to help us place the right puppy with the right homes to ensure the best quality of life for each Golden Retriever. 








1. How did you hear about Shadow Mountain Goldens? 


2.    Why have you decided to buy a golden retriever?


3.   What breeds of dogs have you owned in the past?


4.   Do you currently own any other pets?


5.   Do you prefer a male or a female? 

6.   Do you have a color preference?


7.  If your first choice (male or female) is not available, would you be willing to take a puppy of the opposite sex or would you wait for another litter? 


8.  What is the most important reason for purchasing a Golden Retriever? (Please check all that apply):  family companion___, show dog___, breeding prospects___, obedience___, competition___, hunting/field work___, agility___, pet therapy___


9.   Describe your family.


10.  What are the ages of children in the home?


11.   Do you live in a house or an apartment? _________ If you rent, have you checked with your landlord about getting a dog?


12.  Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing? ________ If not, would you be willing to do so before bringing home a new puppy or build a secure run for the puppy to be in when not being safely supervised?


13.  Do you have a swimming pool? ____   Is it fenced? _______



14.  Will you be willing to go to obedience classes with your puppy?



15.   Do you have a veterinarian?



16.  When this puppy is purchased as a family companion it will not be bred.  We encourage you to discuss the best time to have your pup spayed or neutered with your veterinarian.  Do you agree to comply with this? 



17.   Please tell us/add anything else you would like me to know about you.  The more the better!